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In this video we journey through an amazing 5th iteration Menger cube in Minecraft. The 5th iteration Menger cube contains 3.2 million blocks. Since the first iteration Menger cube is 20 blocks that means the second iterations will be 202, or 400 blocks.This is because it takes 20 of the first iteration to make the second and so on. And to carry this trend on through each iterations basically increases the number of blocks by 20 to the power of the iteration. So by the time you get to the 5th iteration you are at 205

Below is the world download(.zip) for the world with the Menger cube. It is a random seed world with large biomes and the 5th iteration Menger cube is located at coordinates x=0 z=0. Look for the beacon….. The world is named menger land and has several Menger Cubes lying around so enjoy. Included in the save is the structure blocks I used to make the main cube. Those are accessible by going into creative mode and /give [your username] structure_block, and then placing the block where you want the structure then right clicking the block and clicking the button in the left bottom corner until it says load then typing the structure name in the top field then clicking load. This will show you the outline of where your structure will be loaded. You will then once you are satisfied with where the structure will be loaded you then right click the block again and click load a second time. Currently the structures I have saved are named (m3) which is the 3rd iterations menger cube. I have (air) which is just used for replacing a 32 x 32 x 32 block area with air. (wool) which fills in a 32 x 0 x 32 block area with white wool. (sort) will load in a small item sorter.

Menger Land


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